Congo Love launch – Congo Week Opening Day

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Congo Love launch at Congo Week opening day – CONGO IN HARLEM

Congo Love participated in the launch of Congo Week on October 18, 2015 in New York City with two seminal events: Congo at the Metropolitan Museum of the Art (MET) and Congo in Harlem Film and Performance Series at the Maysles Cinema.

The day involved a special tour for Congo Week participants of the Kongo: Power and Majesty exhibition at The MET. The tour was followed by a panel discussion of the exhibition featuring famed Congolese dancer and choreographer, Faustin Linyekula. Congo Week participants participated in the opening night reception of Congo in Harlem Film and Performance Series at the Maysles Cinema. The opening night featured a film screening, live Congolese music, specialty Congolese food, art and photography display and late night Congolese dance party.


NY Times Review

Wall Street Journal Review


Congo in Harlem at New York’s Maysles Cinema, an annual series of films, panel discussions, performances, and special events focused on the history, politics, and culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The aim of the series is to deepen our community’s understanding of Congo through art and dialogue. Each year, we strive to offer a diverse program that provides more than the traditional movie going experience at Congo in Harlem, our audiences find opportunities to discover Congolese food, music, and artwork, learn about Congo’s challenges, and get involved.


Launched in 2009, Congo in Harlem is an annual series of Congo-­related films and events at the Maysles Cinema in New York’s historic Harlem neighborhood. The series showcases a wide range of films by Congolese and international directors, representing the most important issues facing the Republic of Congo today. Most screenings are followed by filmmaker Q&As, panel discussions, special events, musical performances, and receptions. Congo in Harlem aims to provide audiences with more than the traditional movie­going experience;­­ it offers opportunities to celebrate Congolese culture, learn about current issues, engage in dialogue, and get involved. Presented by Maysles Cinema, Friends of the Congo and True­Walker Productions, Congo in Harlem is a volunteer-­run, non-­profit series funded entirely by grants and individual contributions.

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Planning Committee
Maurice Carney, Friends of the Congo
Kambale Musavuli, Friends of the Congo
Lynn True, True-Walker Productions
Nelson Walker, True-Walker Productions
Lynn True, True-Walker Productions
Nelson Walker, True-Walker Productions
Associate Producer
Louis Abelman
Volunteer Coordinator
Summer Sheridan-Zabre
Maysles Cinema
Erika Dilday, Executive Director
Jessica Green, Cinema Director
Rebekah Maysles, Facilities Director
Christine Peng, Education Programs Director

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