Lumumba Scholars I Discipline – Excellence – Integrity

 In Education, Engagement, Service


The Lumumba Scholars have been interning with local communities focusing on three key building blocks, education, engagement and service.

Lumumba Scholars work with local  projects in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Scholars participate in monthly educational film screenings, volunteer with a local orphanage, volunteer with a local Clinics to strengthen their human and material infrastructure. In return, the clinics provide health check-ups at low cost to members of the local community who qualify for a grant assistant.


Congo Love provides opportunities for high school and university students to get scholarships to cover one year of University Costs and an internship opportunity for students to learn community engagement and leadership skills through workshops. Students intern with Congo Love and share their time and talents to help build their local communities.


Beneficiaries are required to function as a unit through ‘Congo Love’

community and social development projects.

*Grants are available based on yearly funds*



Students develop a culture of discipline, excellence and integrity.

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