Muakana Solange – Public Relations

    Muakana Solange is the owner and creative director of SolVision Public Relations. She is a dynamic and driven public relations executive with a solid 14-year track record in client development, product promotion and creative marketing strategies. Known as the social development broker and international publicist at SolVision PR LLC. SolVision PR LLC is focused on giving back to the community around the world in development projects that support social causes in Africa, North and South America and USA as a catalyst. Muakana Solange has also served as a public relation and marketing director at The Congolese American Chamber of Commerce in Miami and is currently serving as a board member of Hear Congo.

    Muakana Solange is a devoted wife, mother and entrepreneur with a purpose grounded in her Congolese and European heritage. She is a result-oriented professional with corporate strategy experience with advertising and public relations expertise.


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