Your financial contribution to Congo Love will enable us to:

– Support our annual soccer fundraisers in Kinshasa and other parts of Congo.

– Help fix local schools in communities by providing a comfortable educational setting for children to learn

– Engaging the community in civic education

– Provide a platform for Congolese culture workers to showcase their work
– Promote Congolese culture and heritage throughout the world
– Host events that highlight the best that Congo has to offer the world in music, art, dance, theatre and other areas of Congolese culture.

At Congo Love we understand the importance of the Congolese youth bringing about social change in The Democratic Republic of Congo through community engagement and awareness. Young Congolese youth often feel disengaged and powerless to due to limited resources. However, history shows us that successful movements have often had youth at the forefront, leading the charge for social change. Through Congo Love Soccer tournaments we offer the youth a platform for community engagement and opportunity to learn leadership skills that will empower them to change their communities for the better.